June 6, 2023

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How Tsipras & Syriza Are Working For The Banks – Greek Elections 2012 Predictions

Even I cannot believe it. This is the Editorial in Athens news today.

The long and the short of it is that Tsipras appears to be of the opinion that Greece is not able to support itself, it is  a weak country, the people are not able to look after themselves so Germany should be forced to pay the bills.

His reasoning appears to be that Greece holds the key to the stability of the Euro currency and that Germany simply cannot let Greece leave because of the costs to the German economy.

So to sum up. Tsipras is going to try to blackmail Germany if he gets into power.

Let me quote the article directly

The idea is that if the Greek electorate rejects the bailout in next month’s elections, the ball will return to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s court and she will have to decide whether it’s worth risking the destruction of the eurozone project by halting Greece’s bailout loans or be forced to accept a negotiation of a new, more lenient, approach towards the loan-dependent nation. Tsipras’ strategy hinges on the anticipation that Merkel will blink first.

Notice the writer does not ask what the cosequences would be I Mekel does not blink but I will.

(As a side note: I have said this before about Venizelos, but why is a politician who believes Greece is weak so popular in Greece?

Why do Greeks seem to support politicians who think their country is crap?)

Communist by any other name. Tsipras of Syriza has declared his party is open to the possibility of the his government using the money of bank depositors for any purposes the government sees as fit.

Anyway, getting past that, Tsipras comments are fufilling a prediction I have made on the 25th of Feb 2012

This is an excerpt from that (excellent) article,

So what tools do the ECB, France and the private banks have to coerce Germany?


Germany is insisting that strict conditions be applied to the loans to the Greek government. Germany wants to see the Greek government being run sustainably.

Germany, understandably in my mind, does not want to throw good money after bad.

So how is Greece being used as a toll to coerce Germany?

The deliberate mismanagement of the Greek austerity measures. Greek politicians, whether they are aware of the situation or not, are working with the ECB, France and international banks by sabotaging the reorganisation of the Greek economy.

Greek politicians whether they realise or not are sabotaging their own efforts to make the Greek government sustainable.

Why would the ECB, France and the private banks want to see Greek politicians destroying their own economy?

To Germany look bad.

In short, Tsipras, with this blackmail strategy is doing the work of the banks.

He has stated he is willing to force Germany to pay for the Greek government.

Germany is resisting and is insisting that Greece should be a strong country capable of looking after itself, something all Greeks should support.

Tsipras however is saying no, we want Greece to be a dependant country and we are willing to hurt Germany if that is what it takes.

Tsipras is completely naive. Either that or he is working for the banks.

The banks want Germany to give the go ahead to print money, to devalue the Euro currency so their debts are devalued.

Tsipras wants Germany to print money, to give to Greece.

Tsipras and the banks want the same thing.

Tsipras believes he can use the break up of the Euro argument against Germany. He is wrong. Sure the Euro is a bonus for German business but it is by no means the be all and end all for them. Germany has shown itself to be strong with or without the Euro.

The German economy is fundamentally sound. The currency is largely irrelevant.

The only tool that can be used against Germany is public humiliation on a European and worldwide scale.

This is the only weakness Germany has, and it is this that will be used to coerce the course of the German government.

Tsipras believes that Germany will simply cave in to protect the Euro.

Okay, let us assume they do not, then what?

Given that he has said he will reverse all the public sector firings, you can assume that Germany will cut off all funding and then where will we be?

First of all you can expect Tsipras to make a mess of his underwear when, to his surprise, Germany does not cave in to his blackmail.

You can then expect his second response to be rage. When he came to power he recruited a 100,000 workers back to the government, he has increased pay and pensions of public workers and he has increased the taxes on businesses.

And given the certainty that Tsipras will not reduce taxes in response to the German withholding of funding, and given the likely hood that he would seize private means of production to support the government, you can expect things to turn pretty bad in Greece, pretty quickly.

And his response will be rage directed at Germany for causing the mess he himself created.

In the environment of total state control, and rapidly depleting currency reserves you can expect the international mainstream media to focus its sights on Germany as the villan.

Germany is the villan because it will not give money to poor Greece.

No questions will be asked as to why Greece even needs money from Germany in the first place.

No questions will be asked as to what sort of environment the Greek government created whereby the country cannot support itself.

So to recap, as things stand today, it looks like the future in Greece will play out as follows

1. Syriza gain power

2. They increase the size and cost of government because they believe Germany will never refuse to bail them out.

3. Germany refuses to bail out Greek government citing the kamikaze economics of the Syriza regime

4. Syriza seizes more and more private sector assets to fund public sector. Greek economy continues to decline leading to shortages of goods.

5. These shortages broadcast around the world with Germany labelled as the villan

6. This is where things get much less certain.

How long this will go on for depends on how long Germany resists. Either Germany will start to dictate the headlines and highlight the self-destructive behaviour of the Greek government, or, and this is more likely, Germany’s PR machine will be shown to be non-existent, which has been the case until now, and more and more public pressure will be brought onto the German government for their obvious “cruelty” towards the Greek people.

Make no mistake, Tsipras is working for the banks, whether he knows it or not.

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