November 30, 2022

News Cymru

Two sides to every headline

Athens has a unique way of dealing with stray dogs which cities around the world could learn from.

Instead of coldly killing stray animals the Athens municipality does the humane and proper thing.

It neuters stray dogs, it tags stray dogs and it feeds stray dogs. If only all municiplaties and countries around the world could take inspiration from the Athens.

Such respectful treatment of dogs is unheard in the Western World, something we should all be ashamed off. Athens has shown that dogs deserve respect and that we all benefit and from having dogs in our lives.

They even teach us things about life

EKathimerini has a nice article about the riot dog here

There he is, yelping with delight as the youths start hurling chunks of paving stones, barking his admonition at a cordon of cops fending off petrol bombs, sneezing as he scampers through the tear gas.

Meet Sausage the riot dog, an amiable ginger mongrel resident of Syntagma Square in central Athens, who doesn’t mind if you show up for a day of mayhem as long as he can join in.

Whenever there’s a demonstration, Sausage is there, always taking the side of the protesters and cheerfully lending a sense of comic relief to the occasionally violent proceedings.

It’s made him a local celebrity. He’s appeared on the front of just about every newspaper in Greece and wagged his tail on TV screens and websites around the world.




On Wednesday when state workers marched against government cuts, Sausage was in his usual spot at the front, egging on the crowd with a hearty “Gav!” (Greek for ”Woof!”), tripping up baton-wielding officers as they charged down the steps.




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