April 1, 2023

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Greek Elections The “Left” Understand The Problem Perfectly Syriza/KKE – Do They Have A Solution

Alexis Tsipras, the leader of Syriza as usual has defined the Greek crisis perfectly in an interview with Reuters.

It’s a pseudo-dilemma, a fabricated myth, that our future in the euro is at risk. It is blackmail by pro-bailout parties, a tool to pressure people to accept measures that bring misery,” he told Reuters in this port city in central Greece.

Of course he in 100% correct in his assertion.

Unfortunately either he does not have a solution or the press simply ignores any statements he makes where he outlines his solution.

Of course the myth of a Euro exit has been used to coerce Greeks. Stating that is is progress, it is more than PASOK and Venizelos have ever said, which counts for a lot.

Okay, but what next? I am not sure what Syriza is proposing as a solution, sure you need to know the problem first but that is not enough on its own. What exactly is Syriza and KKE proposing to sort of the situation?

Given that both parties are socialist/communist you have to assume that centralised control of the economy is the answer. Unfortunately that is exactly what has led Greece to the situation it is in today ie power being centralised and that power leading to corruption.

And this is the ultimate irony of the Greek crisis.

You have the “left” saying that the people are being blackmailed and at the same time you have to assume their answer to the problem is exactly what caused the problem in the first place.

And there is more irony.

At the same time you have the left, in this case PASOK, saying that what is happening is in the interests of the Greek people.

So you have parties on the “left” saying exactly opposite things.

And if that was enough irony and confusion for the electorate, you then have the “right-wing” political parties, namely ND and Samaras agreeing with the KKE/communists and Syriza in saying that the Greek people are being blackmailed.

I mean how can so many people from some many different and identical political philosophies interpret the situation in Greece so differently and in the same way at the same time.

Something clearly is getting lost in translation.

I do not believe it is normal for some many people to have such different interpretations of the same thing.

Perhaps this discourse is exposing something.

The fact that PASOK are the only party on board with the austerity measures should tell people that something is wrong with PASOK.

You have ND and KKE/Syriza all united in their opposition of the suicidal austerity measures. If the “left” and the “right” can agree on this then I think it is safe to say they are probably on to something.

PASOK is sticking out like a sore thumb in its continued support of the “measures”. Makes me think elections should have been held a long time ago.

So if we can agree that the measures the way they have been implemented are suicidal, what is the solution?

I am sure Syriza and the KKE will tell you it is to keep people working for the government and to carry on with things as they were.

This makes absolutely no sense to me. It is obvious that the system of big government has never worked, it lead to bankruptcy.

So who is left? ND and Samaras. Unfortunately he seems to be saying the same thing. That Greece can grow its way out of trouble while still maintaining government staffing levels and by continuing to protect the status of protected industries in Greece.

In fact, you could say the the “right” in ND and Samaras have the same ideas and the KKE and Syriza, and I thought I had finished highlighting the irony of the Greek crisis.

So what can Greeks do? If the political system is not representing their wishes and if the politicial system is clearly not presenting any logical solutions then the Greek people need to take back control.

I am sure Greeks moan about their political system, that it is ineffective, that it is corrupt, that the people work for the politicians and not the other way round.

But the fact of the matter is Greeks have let things get to this stage.

Politicians are supposed to express the wishes of the people. Except the people seem to have no wishes.

Is that true, do Greeks have no wishes?

Is this the reason that the politicians have been able to take over the agenda. Politicians have started telling people what they want because the people have not been telling the politicians what they want.

If the politicians are not receiving any orders from the population is it surprising that the politicians have run wild?

With a population with no ideas, the politicians are free to come up with their own ideas and this is how the situation has ended being completely backwards.

Of course, maybe Greeks have been shouting at the top of their lungs for years as to what they want.


Through alleged tax avoidance. Maybe tax avoidance is the core message from the Greek people to their politicians.

“We don’t want you, we don’t need you, so we are not going to finance you through taxes”

Unfortunately I think the issue of tax avoidance in Greece is a complete an utter myth. Greek government tax revenue as a percentage of GDP is higher than supposed honest taxpayers in Germany and the UK. If tax evasion is such a massive problem in Greece and yet Greeks are still paying more taxes that other European countries that should tell anyone who criticises Greece something.

Either the tax system in Greece is completely crippling and unfair, or the government myth of tax avoidance is simply that, a myth.


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