November 30, 2022

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Two sides to every headline

Greece – Just when you thought things could not get any more surreal…

I was watching the preparations for a parade in Athens today. I think a parade to celebrate the war of independence.

And the talking head on the news was saying how thousands of police had been drafted in. But not to control the “march/parade” like is usually the case.

No, thousands of police had been drafted in, you’re going to love this, thousands of police had been drafted in to supervise a parade in order so they could protect… wait for it……

the politicians!

I have been saying for a while that democracy is effectively dead in Greece. At least until there is a democratically elected prime minister. But when you have politicians openly seeking protection from the electorate you know there is definitely something rotten in Denmark.

I mean the irony, even Jason Wynyard could not cut through it is so thick.

Video: Jason Wynyard (World Champion, on the left) trying to cut through the irony of Greek politicians not wanting to be answerable to the electorate



This must be a new thing we are seeing, maybe this is a trend that will sweep the world. Instead of governments calling for elections when the electorate is clearly so pis*** off with the ruling politicians, they will simply bring in the police to protect them.

That way the politicians are safe AND they do not have to have elections.

There is talk of election in Greece in May. Greeks I have spoken to think it will happen.

Personally, with things as they are, ie Samaras being the favourite, I cannot see elections.

Only when it is clear that Samaras is not in pole position will there be elections in Greece. No way the banks and Papademos are going to want to deal with Samaras, he causes them far too many problems.

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