November 30, 2022

News Cymru

Two sides to every headline

If was not obvious enough, the Former Assistant Secretary of USA Treasury and Former Editor of The Wall Street Journal, Dr Paul Craig Roberts, spells out the final solution for the Greek people. In minute detail.


As Dr Paul Craig Roberts sees it the Greek economic crisis is being deliberately blow out of proportion for the sole aim of getting the Greek people to willingly give up their sovereignty to the EU.

The current turmoil in Greece is the classic problem reaction solution strategy.

The Goal: The EU wants more control over the member states

The Problem: Greek economy is crashing because Greek politicians are being “blackmailed”, because Greek politicians “have no choice”, because Greece cannot be allowed to fail and so on with all the government propaganda which prolongs and exacerbates the already serious problem

The Reaction: The Greek people are society is put through the meat grinder, things become so desperate that the Greek people are willing to accept any solution even if that solution involves giving up control of the Greek economy to unelected foreigners, even if that means giving up control of their country to unelected foreigners, in effect, things are made so bad that the Greek population is willing to accept a dictatorship in everything but name if they are promised a solution the the governments problems

The Solution: The European Union, the ECB take over control over Greek financials affairs with the promise that they will take Greece out of the mier they have created in the first place.

So there it is spelt out. Will the Greeks give up their freedom for protection from the financial attack that is being enacted by the same people who claim to want to help them or will the Greeks stand up against the viscous financial attack on their economy?

Time will tell.


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