November 28, 2023

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Two sides to every headline

I have to say right from the start that I believe Gingrich is a complete lunatic and he is simply a patsy, like Romney, who is put forward to discredit the republican party so Obama can be reelected. But getting past that, Gingrich has decided to label people who vote for a rival as indecent.

Apparently, if you stick strictly to the constitution of the Untied States of America you are an indecent American according to Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich is quoted as saying in an MSNBC article that..

Paul holds “views totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American.”

So, if you believe in the constitution of the USA and you believe Ron Paul is the man to restore sanity and ethics in US politics you are an indecent person.

I have heard a lot of attacks against politicians coming from rival politicians but I have never seen an attack that goes so far as to condemn not only the politician in question but also the people who vote for that politician as indecent.

Gingrich is saying that if you vote for Ron Paul you are not a decent American.

Forgetting if it is Ron Paul or not, does America really want a president who is prepared to brand 49% of the American population as not being decent Americans?

Do not get me wrong, I like Gingrich, he has a certain style and I think he is doing what he thinks is best, he certainly has Romney sized up and destroyed, it’s just what he believes in is complete lunacy and simplistic.

MSNBC had another article which caps my opinion of Gingrich perfectly.

But Gingrich accused Paul of “systemic avoidance of reality”

This is just a 4 word sound bite from Gingrich but it says a thousand words.

Gingrich is so ingrained into the current status quo he has simply no capacity to comprehend another way of doing things.

Whether Gingrich is like this because he has become so blinkered or simply down to the fact that is has not taken the time to educate himself, whatever the case mayb, if America is looking for a new direction it is obvious from this tiny soundbite that Gingrich does not have the vision.

Gingrich, like Romney is just another brick in the wall of American politics. Another fall guy to put up against Obama and get beat.

For Gingrich to accuse Ron Paul of a systematic avoidance of reality is extremely thick-coming from Gingrich.

Gingrich believes Iran is a threat to the United States of America and yet Gingrich has absolutely no evidence, present or past, which says Iran was hostile towards its neighbour.

At no time in recent history has Iran got any record of attacking anyone, self-defence in the Iran-Iraq war yes, but Iran has never in the last 100 years thrown the first stone.

Yet Gingrich believes Iran is a threat not only to its neighbours but to Americans.

There are Republican presidential nominees and a president whose policy is a “systemic avoidance of reality”, you can count Obama, Romney and Gingrich as the leaders of that crowd. The non-member is Paul.

One thing that Ron Paul cannot be accused of is avoiding reality.

Ron Paul predicted that current financial crisis over 30 years ago. Does someone who understands the folly of the current financial system so well really strike you as someone who is avoiding reality.

I would say that anybody who believes the current financial system is sound and does not need a radical change is themselves avoiding reality. A reality which is becoming more and more real to millions of Americans who are either out of work, receiving food stamps or whose savings are being taken away by federal reserve created inflation.

Gingrich and Romney are the republican candidates living in a different reality to normal people, their ambitions for more military action, for more death, for more use of weapons, for more wars makes this obvious.

I have never met a person who wanted to go to war with anyone and yet it seems that somehow 95% of republican & democrat presidential nominees want more war.

Why do all the pro war people seems to rise to the top in politicos, it cannot be a coincidence can it?

The people who want war are the ones living in a different reality, not the ones who want peace.

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