July 17, 2024

News Cymru

Two sides to every headline

France Increases and Prolongs the Bloodshed in Libya

La Figaro reports the French airforce air dropped 40tons of light and medium weapons to Libyan rebels

People really do suffer from a short attention span. The purpose of the Nato intervention into Libya was to preserve life. But now France is looking to prolong the war and to pour more fuel onto the fire in the way of arming the rebels.

Unfortunately no countries are publicly disagreeing with France’s actions except maybe Russia.

NATO continues to kill Libyan civilians but I have yet to hear an apology.

Only excuses like ‘he started it’ from NATO’s Rasmussen

In addition to this William Hague has been in parliament saying Iran has got missiles which can hold a nuclear weapon? Haven’t we been here before? Anyway, I am sure a bullet from a gun can be turned into a “nuclear weapon” I do not think it is anything special to say a missile can hold a nuclear weapon, its like saying a car can be fitted with a tow bar. It makes a good sound bite saying ‘nuclear’ but I am sure weapons experts are saying so what? Here we go again.

Anyway, I couldn’t care less if Iran had a nuclear weapon. There is no way they would use it in an offensive way because they know the USA and Israel will literally blow them to pieces if they did.

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