October 3, 2023

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Did COVID19 come from Space?

Instead of directly answering “is COVID19 from space”, I’ll write some time stamps to a fascinating the video from an expert of astronomical viruses & bacteria. The video/podcast is included below

Starts at 6:16

10:46 Space is full of bacteria & viruses
12:28 Where did life on earth come from?
14:00 Like a wind blowing through a junk yard and creating a 747
17:10 Bacteria in the stratosphere
18:29 Russian space agency
24:00 Viruses
26:00 Spanish Flu
32:40 How do bacteria survive in space?
37:30 Bacteria in the solar system, which planets/moons?
41:00 Relics or past invasion/junk DNA
43:10 Gene of speech
44:40 Million viruses in a drop of sea water
45:00 One billion viruses falling on every square meter of the earth’s surface
49:00 Smallpox and ancient Egypt
51:00 Plague of Athens
54:00 Ships at sea contracting influenza
56:00 Bird flu
59:00 Wuhan flu/COVID19 and the latitude
1:02:20 How long viruses could take to fall from the atmosphere
1:07:00 Solar minimum
1:16:00 Sampling the atmosphere
1:20:00 Leonid meteor stream
1:22:00 Cambrian explosion
1:29:00 Life fundamental to the fabric of the universe
1:31:00 The chance of starting life with no life.
1:32:00 Are octopus from space, could we even seen them if they were there?

A fascinating interview with arguably the world’s foremost expert on astronomical bacteria and viruses.

Prof Chandra details the possible origins of COVID19 and also the main method of transmission around the world.

He looks at past viruses and looks at their speed of their spread versus the speed of transportation at the time, for example the speed of spread of the Spanish Flu around the world when air travel did not exist.

The fact that there were isolated outbreaks of the virus in various parts of the world at the same time, makes person to person transmission impossible to imagine.

He also goes into the research that has been done by him and others which shows the evidence for the cosmos to be literally full of viruses and bacteria.

It should be noted that Prof Chandra is not saying that COVID19 came from space, he simply makes the case that is not be any means unlikely and explains how and why it could happen.

He is more than happy to acknowledge the resistance his research has encountered over the years and how, over time, the evidence is slowly piling up in his and Hoyle’s favour.

Again a super fascinating interview which should expand the minds and horizons of anyone who is remotely interested in COVID19 and viruses in general.

The contorted explanations we hear regarding the spread of some viruses would make a lot more sense if the main driving force was actually the viruses falling to earth from the atmosphere.

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