July 17, 2024

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COVID19 Vaccines – What are the risks?

Here is an absolutely brilliant podcast which has the inventor of mRNA vaccines as a guest, credentials don’t come much higher. Doctor Robert Malone talks about the pluses and minuses of COVID19 vaccines and the problems doctors and patients are experiencing at the moment.

Again, this interview is utter gold for anyone remotely interested in COVID19 vaccines and the benefits and negatives.


Some Highlights – Time Stamps

50 mins – argument about the alleged suppression of alternative treatments

59 mins – things get a bit dark

1:28:24 – are thousands of people dying unnecessarily?

1:35:50 – physicians are not talking, why?

1:40:35 – the possible origin of COVID19

2:02:40 – the state of play at the moment regarding COVID19 treatments

2:14:20 – Invermectin, the research

2:16:00 – effect of vaccines on reproduction

2:19:00 – Tracking the movement of the vaccine through the body

2:20:36 – This is really frightening, ovaries, bone marrow

2:23:00 – Reactivation of dormant viruses

2:29:00 – Mutant creation, vaccinating during a pandemic rather in front of it

2:40:00 – Why did the guests get vaccinated

2:44:00 – Birth defects and Thalidomide

2:49:30 – Vaccinating the family

2:53:00 – People thinking you are crazy

This is a snippet of the interview, to put faces to the voices

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