January 31, 2023

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COVID19 Update Greece – 22.5.21

Bars and restaurants opened in the 5th of May with a 11pm curfew..

On the 15th of May the restrictions on travel were lifted and the SMS/paper notification of movement was stopped.

There does not appear to be any difference in the decline of cases.

Having said that….

The case numbers are pretty stable at the moment, around 2000 cases per day.

At least some of this can be attributed to increases in Western Greece and the Aegean Islands. In the last week or so these two regions have added around 200 cases per day to the total.

These two areas have had relatively low penetration of the population so far, perhaps the virus there has some way to run or perhaps this is a short term blip.

The main population areas of Athens and Thessaloliniki are seeing declines which do not appear to be affected by the reopening on the 5th of May.

There is still a “curfew” in effect of 12.30am. Hopefully this will be lifted before the end of the month.

As a side note on the number of deaths versus the average.

2021 until week 13, has seen lower than average deaths versus 2020

Deaths in 2020 were up 4.6% versus 2019

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