October 3, 2023

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#COVID19 – The Paradox of Lockdowns

Illustration of COVID19 virus

Lockdowns are being used to “combat” COVID19, unfortunately there is no way they can be effective. Using lockdowns to fight COVID19 has two outcomes, both cost hundreds of billions, neither achieve anything

The two outcomes of lockdowns

1.Lockdowns are effective which means COVID19 will come back as soon as they end. Net result. No difference in deaths, hundreds of billions spent.

Why do I think lockdowns being effective and the virus coming back is possible?

Just look at the summer. The summer was the most effective lockdown of all. Deaths approached zero in most countries and at the end of the summer the virus came back. This proves that even if lockdowns are effective, they are just delaying the inevitable and costing hundreds of billion in the process.

2.Lockdowns are not effective. When lockdowns end, absolutely nothing changes deaths wise or cases wise. This shows lockdowns achieved absolutely nothing. Net result. Lockdowns costing hundreds of billions with no effect.

Whichever school you subscribe to, both schools end up in the same place. ie exactly where we were before they started except the average taxpayers are out of pocket to the tune of thousands.

The only way “lockdowns” can be effective ie reducing the spread and not costing hundred of billions is for the sick to be quarantined and only the sick. Only then can the result match the money spent.

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