September 28, 2022

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COVID19 – Is It Being Used For Profit?

Warren Buffets daughter-in-law has written a book “The Warren Buffet Stock Portfolio”, which contains the chapter “The Vaccine Business”. In this chapter she highlights why, as a business, having a patent on a drug “is as good as it gets” with the “next best thing” being a monopoly on the supply of vaccines to a nation’s childhood inoculation programs.

Tony Heller has done an excellent video highlighting the chapter of the book here

In the chapter of her book, she highlights why vaccines are such an excellent business.

  • -High profit margins
  • -Great potential for growth with every new vaccine
  • -Monopoly position

Specifically she highlights how GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) are an excellent choice for anyone’s portfolio because of the connections the company has with governments around the world and how it is able to finance the R&D and manufacturing of new vaccines on a global scale.

She goes on to highlight what a boon the Swine Flu outbreak was for GSK with their profits rising by 10% because of the outbreak.

She then asks the reader if they were in charge of the inncolulation program of 30 million children, which company would they choose? She answers her own question by saying “the biggest and the best” and that GSK is one of the top four companies in the field, worldwide.

In the next paragraph she says that another part of the equation that spells “BIG MONEY” for companies like GSK, and therefore its shareholders, is that there are 133 million babies born every year worldwide.

She then focuses on the USA by highlighting the fact that the CDC recommends that children from 0-6 years old, receive 34 vaccinations. And because 4.3 million babies are born in the USA every year, the market/customer base is constantly being refreshed.

She then puts some numbers together and comes up with a market value of 1.09 billion dollars a year in net profit (assuming 100% penetration of vaccines) in the US alone and worldwide the potential net profit being a “staggering” 34 billion dollars every year.

“And wait, it gets even better” (Direct quote)

“With the invention of each new vaccine the patent is good for twenty years. In other words the company has a monopoly”

She highlights the fact that even when patents do expire, very rarely do governments changed their supplier so even though the monopoly on the vaccine has ended, pharmaceutical companies continue making the same profit.

“And last but not least”

“Vaccine manufacturers in the US are completely immune from prosecution”

She describes the reason for the granting of this immunity as coming from several bad batches of vaccines in the eighties that damaged so many children it could have bankrupted these large pharmaceutical companies. These pharmaceutical companies are now a “protected class”

So lets add these bonus points to our list of reasons for investing in vaccine manufacturers

  • -Immunity from prosecution
  • -Long term guaranteed profits, even after patent expiry
  • -High profit margins
  • -Great potential for growth with every new vaccine
  • -Monopoly position

In summary,

Mary Buffet makes an extremely compelling case for investing in companies that develop and manufacturer vaccines for national governments.

While I do not believe there was anything sinister behind the chapter in the book, the chapter does an excellent job at highlighting who gains financially from the use of vaccines, how they gain and what methods may be used to increase profits in the future ie more vaccines, bigger % uptake.

To bring things full circle,

Is it possible that COVID19 is being used as a profit generating event?

Is it possible that there are people in the world who are happy to exploit COVID19 for financial gain?

Is it possible that the virus outbreak is being exaggerated in order to generate profit, now and/or in the future?

Is it possible that COVID19 is being used to shift public perceptions of vaccines in general?

Is it possible that the current growth in the number of vaccines is lower than some investors would like?

Would some investors prefer that national governments and the public at large, were more willing to adopt new vaccines, if not forced to take vaccines?

Is it possible that some investors are frustrated that the take up of new vaccines is met with resistance and people’s right to opt out?

Would some investors prefer that each new vaccine was guaranteed to have 100% penetration of the population?

Could the requirement of wearing masks be used as a psychological precursor to the forced use of vaccines?

If we can restrict people’s movements by their mask wearing status, would some vaccine investors like to see vaccine status being used in the same way?

Is it possible we will see the relaxing of mask restrictions only for those people who are vaccinated?

Is it be possible that being vaccinated will be a pre-requisite for a person to enter a public area?

Is it possible that there are investors in companies who have benefited from this crisis, who are fearful of things returning to how they were pre COVID19?

I appreciate that these questions are far away from the mainstream but, as Mary Buffet so eloquently puts it, vaccine manufacturing is an amazing business presently and it has such tremendous potential for growth.

Is it possible that on this planet there are some people who believe the profits to be had now and in the future, justify the collateral damage today.

It is possible that people like this, inhabit this planet?

Tony’s Point

Continuing with the rest of the video

Tony Heller then moves on to the rules and regulations surrounding the use of vaccines in the USA.

The book referenced to above was written in 2010.

In 2020, the FDA has a rule that they can only allow the use of a new unapproved medical product, or the use of an existing approved medical product for an unapproved use, if there are no adequate, approved and available alternatives.

In 2005 the NIH wrote an article saying that chloroquine is a strong an potent inhibitor of SAR corona infection and spread.

Tony’s point being, given the effectiveness of chloroquine, is it legally permitable to use a new unapproved product as a vaccine for COVID19?

Is it a coincidence that many respected professionals who support chloroquine are being censored in mainstream and in social media. Why is the mainstream media telling the population that an effective treatment is “discredited” or even dangerous. This type of misinformation is probably costing some people their lives. Which bring us back to the question above, are there people in the world who would seek money and control at the expense of their fellow man?

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