April 1, 2023

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Two sides to every headline

To establish the fundamentals.

The British Labour Party is socialist, therefore their broad mission is to protect the working class from being abused by the rich.

The Labour Party and socialist will tell you that the NHS and public education are two examples of the government working for the greater good. Two examples because the government is providing a service that would otherwise be unaffordable and of low quality.

But to say the government and the socialist ideal of state-run companies providing a better service than the free market has no basis in reality. And if you were to go one step further, you could say that socialists ideals were created by the mega rich to exploit the working class.

The evidence for socialism being created by the mega rich to exploit everyone else is all around us and it is very simple to understand.

The large banks and I do not mean your local co-op, I mean the size of banks that lend to government, all these mega rich bankers love socialism.

Bank make money by lending money. The more money they lend the more money they make.

Socialism creates the mega banks largest customer, the government. By preying on emotions rather than facts, the mega rich have somehow managed to make a lot of people believe that socialism and the Labour Party’s ideals are something that benefits the working class, when, like I wrote earlier, this is clearly the opposite of reality.

By the government creating the NHS and public education it has run up simply massive debts. The British government has to borrow massively in order to run these behemoths. The NHS is one of the largest organisations in the world.

The mega banks absolutely love this because it is more business for them and more profits.

Best of all they are lending to an entity which has the ability to force people to pay even if they do not wish to through compulsory taxation.

In short, the Labour Party and socialists government in general and the dream customer of the mega banks.

Going back to my original point about the Labour Party and socialists claiming government involvement in healthcare is the only way the working class can get affordable and quality care.

Not only is this utter nonsense, not only is there zero evidence to support the supposition, all empirical evidence point to the opposite.

If you look at any industry where there is no government involvement whatsoever, ie any industry which is based of the free market and capitalism, you will find that the working class get the biggest range of options, the lowest costs, the best quality and the best bang-for-buck.

Free capitalism is the servant of the working class.

Okay, so why is the free market such a boon for the working class?

Simply because there is so much money to be made. Like I mentioned in a reply to a comment on this blog yesterday, the working class market is the most attractive market to business because it is so large.

Take healthcare for example. You could set up a healthcare company serving the ultra rich, but the fact of the matter is that a company which sets up to serve the working class will always be bigger because the market is so much bigger.

Take Bill Gates for example, he is a multi billionaire, but regardless of how rich he is, the is only so much he can spend on healthcare. Just because he has a million times more money that another person does not mean he can spend a million times more money on healthcare, at the end of the day he only has one body.

So even though he may spend more money on healthcare than someone in the working class, a million people in the working class are much more valuable as a customer than Bill Gates.

Healthcare companies want to serve the working class more than billionaires because the market is so much bigger. In short it is the working class that control the market not the super rich. At least in a true capitalistic industry, computers for example.

On the other hand, when the free market is taken out of the equation by socialism and the Labour Party’s philosophies, the working class are the ones who suffer because immediately their choice of provider goes down to one and I think any socialist or Labour Party official will tell you they think monopolies are bad.

Monopolies lead to abuse of power, lower quality and higher prices, either directly through the cost of purchase or indirectly through taxes.

When you look at the world around and you look at industries where capitalism is relatively free and where the free market can operate you can see that the working class benefit the most.

Let me give some examples.

Air travel. At the beginning air travel was only for the super rich but now companies like Ryanair give everyone the same fundamental service at a much, much lower cost than the luxury airlines. It is not socialism and the Labour Party that has led to lower airfares, it is the free market.

If you look at British Airways, a once state-owned institution, British Airways did absolutely nothing to cater for the working class when it was run by government, not because it did not want to but probably because it had no clue how to.

Look at the car industry. Companies like Tata, Hyundai, Kia and the Japanese car makers have given the working class access to huge levels of technology and choice at a low cost.

Again, the British government were involved in the car industry with British Leyland, and despite government involvement people still choose the free market alternative  because the quality was so much better for the same or less money.

And the examples go on and on. You look at any industry that was once controlled by government, as socialists want and as the Labour Party thinks is best, you can see that as that industry was opened up to the free market it is the working class that have been the biggest beneficiaries.

Any industry where the government has been competing with the private sector, the working class have always chosen the products and services provided by the private sector.

In short, given the choice between a socialist/Labour Party solution and a private sector solution, the working class have always chosen the private sector provider.

And this is my point. The evidence is clear to anyone that is prepared to put the propaganda to one side and look at the facts.

Free market capitalism has always led to a better deal for the working class, and socialism and Labour Party philosophies have always led to a worse deal for the working class.

I am prepared to be proved wrong, so if you have any examples that show the opposite I am prepared to listen.

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