July 17, 2024

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British Embassy Security Staff No Match For Iranian Students

The British government is no longer able to take care of it’s embassy staff in foreign countries.

The British government is now so weak and pathetic that it can not stop one of it’s embassies from being overun by students.

To get an idea of how seriously governments take the safety of their embassy staff check out the US eembassy in London, it is a fortress.

The whole situation where a student protest can lead to students seizing classified material from a foreign embassy is completely pathetic.

And yet, Willaim Hague has not come out and said he will be investigating as to why and how the security at one of Britiain’s most high profile embassies failed so miserably.

No, the pathetic security measures in place at the British Embassy in Tehran has now lead directly, according to the UK foreign office, to the closure of it’s emabassy in Tehran and also the closure of the Iranian embassy in London.

If I didn’t know better I would say the British government deliberatly let the student protesters get into and takeo over the British embassy as an excuse to close it’s emabssy and to throw more mud on the reputation of Iran to further build up the war propaganda.

For Britain to take such hasty action without carrying out an investigation shows the people involved have absolutely no interest in getting to the bottom of this incident and no interest at all in making sure such a thing can not happen again to other British embassies.

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