September 28, 2022

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Two sides to every headline

Bill Gates – Suspicion Is Justifed?

Bill Gates’ motives are treated with suspicion by some commentators. Specifically, when it comes to his work with organisations such as the WHO, pharmaceutical companies and in particular vaccine manufacturers.

But where do their suspicions come from and is there any basis for their concerns?

Without making judgement, below are selection of YouTube videos featuring Bill Gate speeches, in the speeches Gates addresses what appears to be his key concerns for the planet going forward.

In our opinion there seems to be three main themes.

The first is that the earth is over populated, that people are a major driver behind CO2 emissions, and how, if the number of people were less, the problem of CO2 would also be reduced.

The second theme seems to be medical care, vaccines in general, and health care for the elderly. Widening the availability of health care can help people in developing countries take more control over their reproduction. Effective health education and medication can help people reduce the number of children they have and at the least, it gives them the choice.

Child mortality in developing countries can also be reduced if children can simply have access to vaccines which are routine in the western world.

Third is the subject of health care for the elderly. It appears to me that he believes the money that is spent on elderly healthcare, specifically the amount of money spent in extending someone’s life by six months, could be better spent on education. That would be a better return on investment.

Those are his main priorities as I see them,

Developing world having access to latest medical technology eg vaccines and birth control,

CO2 emissions being a problem for the planet and people being a big cause of CO2 emissions

Reassessing the amount of money being spent on healthcare for the elderly, with the goal of finding better uses for the money.

Bill Gates & COVID19

Bill Gates has weighed in quite heavily on the coronavirus situation. To me he appears to pushing for a COVID19 vaccine, he appears to want the majority of the world’s population to take said vaccine, he has been quoted as saying the world will not go back to normal without mass vaccinations, that there will be further pandemics and he also appears to have the ear of high level politicians.

Are there any contradictions?

Where does reduced health spending for the elderly fit in with his desire for mass immunisation?

If the goal is to reduce the amount of money being spent on healthcare for the elderly, would vaccinating elderly people run counter to this goal?

How does mass immunisation fit in with the goal of seeing falling population? Vaccines would see more people living longer and older. More elderly people, more spending. Does increasing human life expectancy increase the health care costs down the road? If so, it goes against the plan of reducing elderly health care costs.


His apparent desire to immunise the world will inevitably lead to more people living longer, which would seem to contradict his goals of reducing CO2 emissions and reducing money spent on elderly healthcare.

He is actively and publicly pushing for life extension measures which logically will increase the population in the long term, increase CO2 emissions in the long term and increase health care costs for the elderly in the long term.

To me this seems contradictory,

I can see why some commentators are suspicious. Having said that, if Gates were to explain his position more clearly, to give these skeptics a global perspective of his strategy, maybe that would quell the criticism.

Perhaps it’s just a PR issue.

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