September 28, 2022

News Cymru

Two sides to every headline

Arab League Observers Syria – Absurd BBC Coverage

BBC News 24 has just reported that the Syrian authorities are using nail bombs as a crowd control device.

The is a completely absurd statement for a number of reasons.

The BBC’s correspondent reporting on Syria from the Lebanon has said the international media, has in effect no real clue as to how many people are demonstrating today in Syria as the only information they are getting is from the opposition inside Syria and those reports are prone to exaggeration.

So despite no first hand reports, and information coming from the Syrian opposition who are prone to exaggeration the BBC thought it appropriate to repeat extremely unlikely claims to a worldwide audience.

The strikes me as the BBC reaching for a story that does not exist as yet and is yet another incident which shows that the impartiality of the BBC, at least in my opinion, is rapidly declining.

To acknowledge their sources in Syria are prone to exaggeration but still choose to repeat such farfetched claims shows in my opinion an extreme lack of judgement with regards to painting an honest picture of the situation in Syria.

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